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Signature Workshops

Signature workshops are offered as open enrollment classes or can be provided in-house at your organization.

Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success

Emotional intelligence is now known to be the most significant indicator of success at all levels of employment. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of personal and interpersonal competencies that give us:
• The ability to know, manage and use your emotions
• The ability to be aware of and respond effectively to the emotions of others
Emotions drive behaviors and behaviors drive outcomes. This workshop includes an introduction to core concepts of emotional intelligence and what the personal and organizational costs and benefits are of having emotional competencies. It provide EI tools for greater self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and relationship skills.

Meditation: What, Why, How

Have you been interested in mindfulness but never had the opportunity to look into it? Have you been looking for something to help slow down your mind and your life? Have you been introduced to mindfulness or taken a mindfulness class a long time ago, but now would like to actually start practicing it?

This workshop will involve learning and practicing mindfulness meditation and mindfulness in daily life. There will be opportunities for individual reflection combined with large and small group discussion.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of what mindfulness is
  • Knowledge of the research documenting the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness
  • Practice in: mindfulness meditation, mindful listening, mindful conversation, mindful walking
  • Awareness of resources for continuing a mindfulness practice

Myers Briggs Type and Emotional Intelligence:
Practical Application at Work

This popular eight hour workshop provides those participating a chance to work with specific workplace challenges to build on their natural Type and EI strengths. Emotional intelligence (EI) enables us to better manage our emotions. Knowing our Myers-Briggs type helps us to understand and make constructive use of differences between our types and others with whom we work. Using these tools together can result in improved individual and organizational performance including resolution of conflict, better communication, more effective teamwork, and a positive work environment. Participants will take the MBTI online before the session, then receive and learn about their results at this session. Attend an open enrollment session or sponsor a customized workshop in house.

Customized Workshops – Designed for Your Organization

Every organization has unique needs related to staff relationships, dealing with change, conflict management, and team building. Customized workshops are designed with you for your organization to address the specific needs of staff within your organization or professional area. Workshops can be half-day, day-long or spread out over several sessions. Examples of topics include:
• Difficult Conversations at Work
• Resilient Leadership
• Managing Stress
• Quieting the Mind Practices
• Mindfulness at Work
• Creating a Positive Work Environment
• Self Awareness: A Critical Skill for Leadership Success

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