EI for Leaders Course

Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence

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“The mood and style of a leader is contagious in an organizational system, and the leader’s degree of emotional intelligence can make or break an organization’s effectiveness.”
— Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership

EI for Leaders is an intensive six month training and coaching course offered by insideoutcomes.

It provides leaders a place to assess the EI competencies you need for greater success in managing all of the many challenges you face, learn tools to develop new behaviors, and gain support from other senior leaders. Specifically participants get:

1. Grounding in the framework of EI and its benefit.
2. Introduction to and practice of mindfulness
3. 360° EI Assessment data from a perspective of self, supervisor, peers and direct reports.
4. Two individual coaching sessions.
5. Personal development goals.
6. Training in personal and interpersonal EI skills.
7. Peer coaching sessions for applying EI to real-time challenges.
8. Evaluation of results and planning for next steps.

The EI for Leaders course includes mindfulness training.  What is mindfulness? It’s being present without judgment to what is happening in the moment and is a critical practice for the development of emotional intelligence.  The book Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan describes components of an eight week course teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence at Google.  The book is used as a primary resource in the course.

EI for Leaders is offered exclusively by insideoutcomes once a year through open enrollment.

Comments from Past Participants

“The course is the beginning of an amazing journey into understanding myself better – especially as a leader! I feel so very affirmed, supported and excited and ready to work with these tools.” – recent Course participant

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Leaders: Customized For Your Organization

To invest in your organization’s culture and workplace behaviors becoming more positive and effective, the EI for Leaders Course can be customized for your staff and organization. By participating in this intensive professional development opportunity together, your whole staff can learn the skills that will result in new workplace agreements and increased results.

In 2010 insideoutcomes customized the EI for Leaders Course for Vail Place, which offered it to all 35 of its employees.

“after experiencing the dramatic change that occurred in our managers behavior, relationships and approach to team work following the EI for Leaders course with Jean Hammink, I was inspired to find a way to bring EI to our entire organization to help influence employee engagement. Jean designed a 6 session course (based on the EI for Leaders training) specifically for agency staff. It was life changing for staff – both on a personal and a professional level…. A change that our clients felt almost immediately! This course work is a must for any and every service provider – no matter their position! …..Invest in staff EI leadership and see the ROI in the satisfaction of your clients.” Vicky Couillard, Co-Executive Director, Vail Place

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